Nemesol is launching a new version of Enlapser camera: The Enlapser 5K. Enlapser combines a plug-and-play timelapse camera with an advanced cloud service. The camera takes one picture per minute and stores it in the cloud allowing real-time site monitoring, documenting and sharing with any stakeholder.

In the Finnish market, Enlapser is marketed as Raksakamera, the market leader in construction site monitoring.

Enlapser 5K

The Enlapser 5K contains two overlapping camera sensors. The images taken are combined by the cloud service into a seamless panorama of at least 5000 pixels wide. The camera is connected to the cloud via two mobile connections to ensure fault tolerance. The installation is simple and straightforward. There is no need for any configuration.

The expansion to the international market started recently with a trial project in France for a large constructor. The need of time-lapse photography and site monitoring in the construction industry is growing rapidly. Nemesol is delighted to provide constructors, property developers and photographers with the latest Enlapser technology.

“The latest advancements in low powered IoT computing devices, mobile networks and cloud computing, allows us to offer a completely new kind of service that combines ease-of-use with unprecedented quality and cost-efficiency compared to other solutions currently on the market”

For over a decade, Nemesol, IoT and Cloud solution provider, has designed products and services to assist businesses in their daily work. Enlapser is one of these solutions revolutionizing the industry.

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