Raksakamera 10 years

The story of Enlapser and Raksakamera began in December 2006 when Nemesol was commissioned to create the web site for Helsingin Musiikkitalo, whose construction had just started. Shown on the web site was the latest picture of the construction site taken by a then state-of-the-art IP camera from the neighboring Kiasma building. The pictures were also archived at the now standard rate of one per minute.

Some time later the City of Helsinki noticed the Musiikkitalo picture and hired us to install three cameras for the former harbor areas of Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama where development into residential areas had just begun. The desired installation locations were more difficult because of extreme weather conditions near the sea and high above the city in the chimney of Salmisaari power plant and because there was no fixed Internet connection. We couldn’t use an out-of-the-box solution so we developed our own fault tolerant camera that uses the mobile network to transfer the pictures.

The work wasn’t easy but the results were good and we realized we had created something special, something others could benefit from, too. We started marketing our solution with the name Raksakamera (literally construction site camera) in Finland and created the brand Enlapser for international use.

In the past 10 years the product has found its place and is now the market leader in Finland. We have also proven the concept to work in pilot projects in Europe and South America.

After recent additions we now have the team to take it to the next level with Suvi and Bouchra in sales, Antti as the Master Architect, Atte in camera production and of course our newly appointed CEO Markus leading the team.

Creator of Enlapser
Founder of Nemesol